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I know but a few of you have met me since i’ Relatively new. But sorry for not being on star citizen or the mumble lately!! My graphics card has been rather odd. It will run games like division 2 and mc with over the top shadder packs. But star citizen i get alot of artifacts on my screen. So currently troubleshooting and play with settings till i find out what my driver update did to my performance haha!! Will be back once resolved!!

One of the things CIG always recommends after a new patch is deleting the USER folder. That said, in practice it isn’t always necessary. What does help in a lot of cases is deleting the shaders folder. Location is StarCitizen\LIVE\USER\Shaders. I recommending deleting that folder and try the game again before you do anything else more drastic.

Thank you for the recommendation i’ll try that! I’ve assumed it was my raedon drivers i just installed but that was wrong haha so I appreciate your tip!

Radeon you say? I had to install the driver before the latest one to get mine to stop artifacting. Something about the latest driver was messing with mine. Also if you’re using crossfire with two gpu, don’t. That was also an issue I ran into.

I delete my USER folder every time I’m about to start the game. Beyond that I rely on the players on Discord’s tech_talk channel to help me fix my problems

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