Whats up everyone. Team up sometime?


I’m not exactly new to this group but I wasn’t very active in it. When do you guys get together? Anyone want to team up sometime?
Also why don’t we use the Spectrum to chat? Seems like a really useful chat room


Hey, Rooster7755. We team up all the time. It doesnt look like youve had the chance to finish getting set up. When you have a moment, visit the join page so you can meet up with us on mumble and discord.


Are you going to ditch Mumble once there is proper VIOP in game?


I highly doubt we “ditch” Mumble. There are a lot of features/benefits/scalability for in-game VOIP to overcome. There is also security. In-game VOIP may be hackable to design if they follow through on some proposed ideas. That said, I can see VOIP being useful for initial contact with an unkown or clients. Beyond that, too much to speculate on now.


When you have time, getting on Mumble really is the best way to get started with playing with ADI members.

In the evening US there is almost always a few of us in the PU or PTU. We have rooms set aside for SC. People are often playing other games as well,