Whats better for SC TM HOTAS X or Logitech Extreme 3D Pro?

I just bought these 2 off of goodwill, ThrustMaster HOTAS X Flight Stick and Logitech Extreme 3D Pro Flight Stick,and I wanted to know which is better for SC.

I don’t want to break any rules, and will retract this immediately if it does, so please excuse my ignorance if saying this violates any of the rules of ADI but I would prefer to sell the unused flight stick to anyone on here for exactly what I payed for it if anyone is interested. I would rather someone on here get it then put it up on Ebay and go through that whole deal. I didn’t think I was going to win one of the auctions but did so I honored my agreement and got both with the intention of finding out what one was best for my situation then would pass along the extra stick.

Thanks (or sorry) in advance

Really the question is – which setup do you enjoy flying/playing with? That’s your answer for which is 'better" - either, another, both combined or something else. Trial and test. Find what works for you, practice in PTU and AC, build muscle memory, analyze what you can and cannot do and want to do or do not care to do and then alter/fix/upgrade and there you go. You have probably 2 years to figure it out as this game gets developed.

Fair question, and a good deal is a good deal.

When I started playing SC over 3 years ago, I knew near nothing about flight/space sims. The stick I had at the time was the 3D Pro you have there. It served well enough, but after a few months the stick twist switch (z rotation) broke. That little throttle lever on the 3D Pro is practically useless in the game, better off using your left hand on the keyboard. I ended up getting a Saitek X52 and I can tell you having a separate throttle for the left hand makes a HUGE difference in control in the game.

Between the two choices, for SC definitely the HOTAS X.

Have fun!

So are you saying I could use both of these at the same time? If so then I would use the HOTAS for flying and maybe the Logitech stick for lets say working mining controls? Unless I know what the options are for using both sticks at the same time I am going to take the advice in the other post and just use the HOTAS and see if someone else could benefit from the Logi stick. If you could think of some examples of what I could use the 2 sticks at the same time for it would be easier to decide. thanks