Welcome Wagon

CaptnCaribb here! Been a long time lurker of SC, just took the leap. I’ll be honest, I’m a little frustrated. Between crashes, glitches, and combat mechanics, I’m getting wasted regularly and the grind to get back to where I was…ugh

Hey CaptnCaribb!

Here at ADI, we have plenty of opportunities to gather together some fellow citizens and have some fun while getting some sweeeeeet space money.

If you need any help, let us know!

See you out in the verse’! Fly safe o7

Welcome Cap! Lot’s of folks around here are eager to help you get the most enjoyment out the game as you can! CYA in the Verse!

Hello CaptnCaribb, don’t get discouraged by that, SC is also a survival game :stuck_out_tongue: there are good ways/workarounds to dodge most popular glitches, after all the game is early alpha, and it’s gonna be huuuuge and awesome.
Playing solo an early alpha like this is not the best way to enjoy it, a group makes it a completely different experience.
After all, such a project means a LOT of effort, also on our part, to keep it going and getting better. Here in ADI you’ll find a lot of help and lots of chances to learn and know the game way better.
I’m pretty sure that in a few weeks you’ll be willing to update this initial post with a different, better point of view.
See you in the 'verse o7

Welcome to ADI CaptnCaribb. If it’s credits you need, be sure to sign up for our weekly salvage event, every Wednesday evening. It’s always fun and it adds a little something to your pocketbook.

Well you came to the right place

While we can’t do much about the gameplay issues, the game is still in development. I have found that having an organization to play with gives me more value than just the game. Even when the servers get glitchy, you still have an opportunity to have fun with the friends you will find within the server. Given time, I am sure you will have a similar experience with the fantastic group this organization has put together.


It can be frustrating at times but at the end of it all - it is a really unique experience and no other game out there can match the “awe” that I feel sometimes while exploring.


Welcome to ADI @CaptnCaribb. I think everyone gets frustrated with glitches at one time or another. The good news is, we have such a great community here, it makes it easier to bare :slight_smile: See you around the 'Verse soon!

We’ve all been there. In retrospect you will realize that a lot of time its our own fault, or miscalculation tat causes us to die. But still, yeah it really does push you to your limits of patience :slight_smile:

Welcome to the org. This is a great place to get help and meet new friends. everyone is always willing to help. Again, welcome and I look forward to playing with you.

Welcome to ADI! We have a wealth of workaround knowledge here, but things are of course getting better every patch. Glad to have you here!

Welcome in! Glad to have you aboard, see you in the verse :smile:

Welcome! cant wait to enjoy the game along side ya!

Welcome to ADI CaptnCaribb! You’ll find there are plenty of us willing to help with the grind; although I’m sure you’ll find that it’ll be more enjoyable, and not feel like a grind at all.

Welcome CaptnCaribb!

Seems I’ve remapped my system three or four times in the past few weeks. I’ve made it complicated and now work to simplify and standardize the interface. That being said there has been much help offered here at ADI, it’s a great community. Don’t get discouraged. It’s better for you to ask for assistance or advice than to give up and dislike the game. So many avenues to work through I am sure we can help you. I hope by now you’ve been able to address your issues if not please ask. Best of luck and see you in the 'verse!

Thank you all for the warm welcomes. i replied to a thread in #lfg, got called out…seems a little testy. PM would have done just as good to remind me to read sticky’s. Called out in two chats by two diff peoples. Praise in public, correct in private.

Between the lack of in-game ability to just play without acting like I’m made of gossamer, losing all of gear/weapons when I lose connection to the server and tiptoeing through the chat channels without getting called out for replying to a lfg, i’m going to take a long break.

Thank you all again for your warm welcomes. I sincerely hope that the game makes it.

Hello CaptnCaribb. Welcome to the org. Looking forward to playing with you.