Website long to load


Not sure if I’m alone to experience this or if it’s a general issue, but the website seems to take quite a long time to load sometimes. Is it a load problem server-side or a problem on my end?


Pinged from my box to server:

0 packet loss

Round trip times:


Seems fine to me. Must be a client issue. (page also loads fine in browser)

See the picture attached, and it was a rather fast load when I took it compared to some other times.

It seems that some images are not compressed and it could be one cause when the load is higher on the server.

Apparently Google thinks its slow too. … ab=desktop

Though I have nothing to do with the website so I can’t help. But I really don’t notice it much. (although i almost exclusively use the forums on here anyway).

Something on your end… doesn’t take 43 seconds to download 1.3M’s