Voip and "Proxie" voip

Was on a mission to pick up a package from a crashed ship in the middle of nowhere. Saw a ship landed close by and as I was landing I heard someone talking to someone else on SC voip though I couldn’t hear the other person. Have a button on my hotas listed as voip that I’ve never used and tried talking to them but eventually discovered they couldn’t hear me. Their mind was blown when I replied I could hear them on chat. Unforuantelly my game crashed before I could get voip working correctly. So now I have another thing I want a button for. (eye roll) But what is the difference between voip and proxie voip? Can other fighter pilots hear me on SC voip if they aren’t on mumble?

proximity voip is working on close distance and could be heard by everyone near you

then you have voip in your party group, this should be only heard by people in the same party

but the internal VoIP is sometimes a bit buggy

So far I’ve only grouped with ADI which uses mumble so proximity will primarily be what I need to use then. Thanks.