Virpil MongoosT-50 CM3 - Speed Limiter Setup

  1. Open VPC Configuration Tool.

  2. Press the “PRO” button.

  3. Doubleclick on the empty line.

  4. Change the options in the yellow boxes to what is shown here. Then press “SAVE”. I picked 32 as step value since it’s equivalent to my mousewheel. Lower values equals smaller steps and higher values equals larger steps.

  5. Line 7 is now filled with information so it is time to hit “SAVE VPC DEVICE” so the EEPROM can update.

  6. Start Star Citizen and go to options > Keybindings.

  7. Change to “Joystick / HOTAS” in the lower right corner.

  8. Open “Advanced Control Customization” and go to “Flight - Movement”.

  9. Doubleclick on “Speed Limiter (Abs.)” and rotate the wheel on the throttle.

  10. Doubleclick on “Reset to SCM” and press the wheel inwards.

  11. Your speed limiter should now work properly.

  12. Enjoy your flights in the verse :slight_smile:


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