Hey guys, looking to join your org. Played EVE online for a number of years and Elite Dangerous for about a yr before burnout hit.

Hello Viper691 and welcome to our forums. What kinds of game play did you enjoy in EVE and ED? What are you looking to do in SC?

Here is the link detailing out application process:

That will take you through everything you need! If you have any questions about the process, ADI, or SC in general don’t hesitate to make them known. Welcome!

Like tselakai said, Welcome to out forums! I dabbled with Elite Dangerous quite a bit myself! On xbox though not on PC, the largest ship i got to was a python! If you enjoyed playing with other players doing missions than you definitely are looking at a good Org to join here! We do all kinds of fun things together in the verse! Any questions about us and what we do, don’t be afraid to ask!

Welcome to ADI Vider691, what are you looking to do in Star Citizen? My focus is fighter pilot I look forward to protecting our fleet and avenging those that are taken out by pirates and the likes. let me know if you need anything.

Hi Viper691,

Welcome to ADI played Elite myself a bit, but didn’t get hooked up because I’m stoked on SC whatever the state of the game :laughing:

Catch you soon on mumble,

Bye changenl

Welcome aboard Viper691, glad you decided to join Atlas Defense Industries, we are a very diverse group of players and you can find plenty of help and guidance should you find the need, I am Marcko and if have any questions feel free to look me up here or on Mumble, see you in the Verse’