Vigris - Introduction

Im one of the Odin boys that came over kicking and screaming. Terraphon told me to play nice and just down right begged me to apply so here I am.


Heya Vigris! Good to see you here, man.

Looking forward to getting in more game time with you, bro!

There goes the neighborhood.

Welcome bud.

Welcome Vigris,

great to have you on board! I look forward to seeing and playing with you in game. Be sure to hop into Mumble from time to time to familiarize your’re self with a few of the many ADI members…we don’t mind if you give Tarraphon a little crap, we all like to do that from time to time :laughing: Hope to see you at tonight’s Friday night flight night. Once again, great to have you!


Can I retract my application now? :stuck_out_tongue: Hey Vigris! waves