Video Card

Hey guys, looking to upgrade my 560 ti. What are the best options sub $300 range? I want to get a 770 but not really in my price range right now. Is the new 750 ti going to give me any boost? Seems like a great card for like $160.

Best bet under $300 right now is going to be the GTX 760… and as folks around here will tell you I don’t often recommend Nvidia cards… but at that price point there is nothing else available.

I haven’t used ATI/AMD cards in years. Is there anything in the HD9 series worth looking at?

Not in that price range or I would have recommended it.

I got the GTX 760, and for your price range, I can reccomend it. However currently I do feel it would be better to wait a bit and get the 770 or even the 780.

If you absolutely need one now, the 760 is spot on. But if you can live with your 560 for just a while longer, 770 might be better in the long run for S42 and the PU.

I’d keep chugging along with the 560 until the screen starts turning funny colors, you get random driver crashes, or the thing smokes itself. :mrgreen:

I haven’t seen any benches on the 750, but its still a notch or two below what I’d call (assume) and nice card for S42/PU.

Thanks for the information, I will probably wait, I can play still run every game. Probably doesn’t make sense to spend the money now when I can probably get the a great card for cheaper in 6-8 months.

Yeah, I’d wait until closer to release of PU if you can run dog fighting module even with the graphics turned down.

That’s more than likely the smartest choice at current.

Wow this topic has been really useful. I’ve been thinking to upgrade my GTX 560 Ti before DFM, but it seems I will wait a little longer. Thanks for the feedback!