Video card suggestions

My cousin, who I think is a member of ADI though I don’t know his handle, seems to finally be ready to play star citizen again, but first needs a new video card. I asked him his budget, mine being $500, and he said $1500…. Any suggestions for those two price points? He also said his computer was kind of old, though knowing him, that probably means more than 6 months.

What are the current system’s specs? Need to figure out if it’s worth the upgrade and/or if a power supply upgrade will be necessary.

I can highly recommend the Powercolor 6800 XT 16Gb models - I just got the Red Devil model and am getting 45 to 90 FPS at max settings at 1440P.
It DOES REQUIRE an 850w or better PSU (I had a 1050w already in my PC so was good)
As for price point - should be around that 500 to 600 dollar mark.
It is basically matching the 4070 in everything except raytracing - if you care about that