Vanguard variants

I was wondering if any of you smart people knew if the Vanguard was four variants.

I’ve been reading a lot in various places saying that the Vanguard Hoplite was its own hull, whereas the other three were modular. The website’s current ship matrix shows that the they are different hulls. That being said people have also said CGI updated the hull of the vanguard to appear more like what the Hoplite art shows. The only thing that’s different in the PTU (2.6.3) is the ramp width.

Is this an alpha thing? Are the original models shown for the rest of the versions coming back? Are they all the same hull?

From what I have read the hoplite is a stand-alone ship. The other 3 are modular. Think of it like thunderbird 2. The center pod is the role of the ship. Using Battlefield upgrade kits (BTU’s) you can change the pod, hard points and weapons to be one of the other variants. If I understand them correctly, if you own more than one BTU, you can pick and choose parts from each variant to add to your ship I.e take a vanguard sentinel hull but add the missile turret from the harbringer. Not sure if the sentinel’s ecm suite takes up the turret slot though. I hope to find that out in 3.2 as I have the BTU for it.

Ugh. I have the Harbinger now and have learned that the holo viewer model on RSI is not the same model the games uses. Its the same as the Hoplite, which doesnt make sense with the whole “its a different hull” thing. If they are different give me the cooler sleeker more aggressive hull back like they show on the website.

So much disinformation

I know how you feel. This is where I got my information from, it’s quite old now and as you have found out, it looks like the information is changing.
Q&A part 1: … nts-Part-I
Q&A part 2: … ts-Part-II
When they talk about the BUK’s, they only mention 3 variants, the sentinel, harbringer and warden. They make no mention of the hoplite. Maybe it wasn’t even in concept at the time? No idea. Anyway hope that gives you more reliable, if not dated information.