Hey guys, how you doing, I… I like grapes!

Kudos for having a curious intro Vanco :slight_smile:

I’m doing well, happy to be alive. Grapes are good, red or green? Seedless or seeded? Connie or Avenger?

Hi Vanco,

nice introduction to the org :laughing: welcome in the verse, hope to see you soon


@Notuh What kind of monster enjoys seeded grapes?

@Vanco Welcome Aboard! I like grapes too, specifically, as a snack or in my chicken salad.

Welcome @Vanco,

thanks for your interest in ADI…we’re excited to have you on board and look forward to getting to know more about you! @Notuh, I think he means aged grapes :laughing: always a good time! To answer your questions @Vanco, we’re doing well as an Org, actively seeking new folks such as yourself, building a great reputation, and prepping for 3.0 and future endeavors. On that note, be sure to take some time to get settled in, and continue to hop on Mumble in order to become a little more familiarized with some of the many members we have…doing this will help you on in the long run, especially with us moving closer and closer to the SC 3.0 release. Have you given any thought to where you’re starting out division wise?

Additionally, ADI hosts a Friday night flight night, which is currently going through some re-organizing, so just be sure to keep an eye on the calendar and check those out when there running. We offer both US as well as EU based gatherings, which you’re welcome to either, or both. In the meantime, you can hang out with folks in some of the more active games such as ARK, ARMA, PUBG Dark and Light and or BF1 if SC becomes too stagnate for you…at least until the release of 3.0 anyway :laughing:

Be sure to let us know if you have any questions, and once again welcome to the ADI family!

Hi Vanco,

Nice to have you with us. It’s always good to see another SC player join us :slight_smile:. I’m a fan of wines too (if that is what you meant :smiley: ). Best wishes to you friend. Hope to see you around soon

Hi Vanco,

Welcome to ADI, I’m glad you’re here. Grapes are good!

Welcome Vanco

Grapes + time = wine. Wine = delicious. Glad to have you here.

Welcome Aboard Vanco,

I’m sure the vastness of space will have a need for grapes and it’s byproducts. You should check out the Endeavor ships as there is a module which allows you to grow your own…space crops!

Looking forward to sampling your wares in the verse!