Hi ADI-members,

this is UshRhaKhal from Germany, I’m looking forward into joining ADI. I’m mostly into exploration.


Welcome to ADI UshRhaKhal, glad to have you with us, will see you through Onboarding shortly, if you need any help or have any questions feel free to look me up here, or on Mumble, see you in the Verse’

Hi UshRhaKhal,

It was good talking with you today. Welcome to ADI. We have a great community here and are happy to have you onboard.

Hi Ush,

Welcome to ADI. Myself am from The Netherlands so good to see a neighbour joined. I’m looking forward to dogfighting in small ships/squadrons and all that comes with that. When of duty some reclaiming and exploration did I already mention trading possibly moning…There will be so much to do :smiley: . Catch you soon on mumbe, bye changenl

Welcome Ush, we’re glad to have you in ADI! I’m sure you’ll love the exploration division, great people and exciting mission. If you have any questions let us know. You’re welcome to PM me here or in Discord. Welcome to the team!

Welcome to ADI, UshRaKhal! Glad that you made the decision to join. We are a friendly group of people. Join us on discord and mumble for some random shenanigans and plenty of fun. If you need help, just ask. I hope to see you in game exploring the verse!

Welcome to ADI,

Glad you are here with us! I hope the weather in Germany is comfortable.

Welcome UshRhaKhal! What kind of ships do you enjoying flying most? I love flying my Esperia Glaive… When I first test flew one lent to me by another org mate I knew I wouldn’t be able to resist buying one… even if it hurt my wallet a bit! Anyway fly safe! See you in the verse!

Welcome Ushrhakhal

Hope you enjoy your stay with us at ADI.

Care to share though what interests you in star citizen, and what you plan on focusing on?


Ush, Welcome