Upcoming Flight Night & Badges?

Hello, and I just had a few quick things that could be answered by a trip to Mumble, but I mean, I’ve asked and either I just didn’t absorb the message, or my curiosity was not necessarily satisfied. I tend to take typing better then actual words if that makes sense…but oh well, onto the questions! On the upcoming flight night, I do plan on attending, but it will be my first. I’ve been in ADI for quite some time now, well over a month, but I’ve never attended one before for a couple of reasons. First, I don’t really know what to expect, and what I will have needed to prepare for. Is there anything different for a first time flight-nighter and a regular attendant? For someone who tends to be really iffy in social situations, but really, really enjoys playing the game and interacting with ADI; what should [ I ] be expecting on how to behave, who to talk to etc…? And finally, what level/kind of ship expertise will be expected? I’ve spent tens and tens of hours in my Cutlass, F7C, Gladius, and a 325a, but what will be expected of me? Thank you

But secondly; now that school has winded down, I find myself with a rare commodity known as “free time”. Still trying to discover what it is entirely…but anyway, it allows me to spend a lot more time doing what I really really love to do: Graphic Design. If it would be of practical use as a graphic tool/organizer, or even if the developers allowed JPEG/PNG input on the skins of the ships, to have badges for the individual teams/battalions/squads etc. For example, have just a unit labeled as the 112th with the corresponding badge instead of “this persons’ APR team”. And I just kinda want something to help out ADI other then being another body flying a starship.

Thank you,

Flight Night just show up, you’ll be sorted into a 4 person flight based on your controller setup and it will be pretty straight forward. Mostly we fly boxes, then move onto a little Vandal Swarm.

As for graphic design, we have a marketing team that handles all of that… and right now they don’t have the ability for us to modify skins in game.