Unable to Manage Inventory - Help requested thanks

A friend of mine got into the game today and encountered a fatal bug. He could not remove his helmet or undersuit; he could use his inner though (f) key and with his cursor see options but he couldn’t remove his helmet or undersuit. It wouldn’t drop or allow him to drag it to any inventory storage place. After he died from dehydration, he spawned and couldn’t remove his smock.

Does anyone have an idea of what he can do? He set a key to the Remove Helmet Toggle keybind but when toggled that didn’t work either.

Question -Was his helmet and undersuit greyed out? or did they have the normal blue outline?

They had the blue outline.

Oh okay, in that case it has to be a differemt bug. Usually the armor goes grey and you have to try and put something on yourself from the inventory. It doesn’t do anything but then it allows you to remove gear from yourself. This happens quite often.

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