Hi guys! I wonder if is there a way to earn UEC, is it still purchased with real money the only way to get it? Thank you!

UEC yes, supposedly 2.4 is releasing a third type of currency called aEUC which you can earn in game. Yes it is very confusing.

aUEC as in alpha UEC which can be earned in the upcomming alpha release 2.4 which should be including persistence and economy and hence earnable credits. aUEC is only kept during the alpha test. Once the game is released we will be able to earn the standard UEC if that wasn’t clear already. The UEC that you can buy right now in the store and use to buy parts like weapons right now will persist and be kept into the release of star citizen. All weapons and shields and other components bought with UEC in the online store (not aUEC) will persist into the final game

I am guessing that we will also see bUEC as is beta UEC

We could also see one or more wipes of aUEC as they make changes and need to reset everything for a fresh test. There is no advantage in saving aUEC as it will vanish one day (perhaps without warning) so you should experiment and spend it as you can while there are no permanent side-effects.

Thanks guy! sounds good! but… i read 2.4 version is now avaible for players to test, where do I get it?

At this time it’s only on the private test server which is invite only. Let them work out more of the bugs and when it goes public then we can all have a look/see.

Awesome! Thank you. It’s getting waaaaay better!! haha! I love it!

I am verry excited to start earning Auec, do we know if you get a starting space suit, or if not do we get starting Auec bassed on our game package allotments?
I know that we cant know for sure but perhaps if we have a ptu member they could answer the questions.

The way they have it set up in the PTU is that everyone starts with 2750 aUEC, and you get the starter space suit on log in.

A headsup for those that are farming for a new spacesuit, they dont come with space thrusters (only luxury models if i remember correctly)

Yeah, found that out the hard way.