just starting, and looking for an overlay

Hey guys, i wanted to let everyone know that i will be starting to stream Star Citizen Regularly. I obviously will not be streaming our Mumble without permission, and if i do, i will make a channel and put so in the title. On top of this, i am looking to find or have someone create an overlay for my stream for me. I am willing to pay a little bit, but i cant give an arm and leg…sorry!

Otherwise, im hoping to see some of you guys there!

Lastly, are there any special rules i should know about while i am streaming? Am i allowed to stream with ADI in the title, and can i put a little link and description in my Information area? Thanks a ton!

Hope to hear from you all soon! :smiley:


Hey, that’s great !

I like the care you seem to take to avoid streaming things that should not be, and look forward seeing the stream :slight_smile:

I don’t know about promoting ADI, but to me it sounds like a good idea. Try to see if you can get hold of the leadership to confirm if it’s fine or not.

Thanks for the support, and i will get a hold of someone next time i am online mumble! I would love to see ADI grow a bit due to my stream, would be great to help in any way i can!

I haven’t done any overlay for twitch so I don’t know what it consist of but if you want some help with photoshop I’ll be happy to help.

There are plenty of youtube videos that have free twitch overlays that you can download. Fully customizable to add your name, a unique colour, and other features. An example is here: [url]FREE GFX: Free Twitch Overlay Template 100% Editable PSD Giveaway - YouTube

We have numerous members with the skill set to do this for you. I’ve done a few but there are better people than me, keep this post bumped up and one of them will see it.

Thanks for all the replies guys, and i am looking at the ones that i can download for free just to fill the void for now, but i would like my own specialized one in the future haha.

If you’re looking for wingmates for sessions, I’m down. I’d say just let people know that you’re streaming when you’re flying with them. TEST has a few streamers, I’d have already done it but my machine can’t get 30fps as it is.

Looking for an overlay, Still, Even if I purchase Can someone please point me towards some ADI logo’s and PR stuff. Recruiting links. After I finish setting up I hope to see you out there.

As a general rule we don’t pass out high res logo’s and other stuff like that.