Twitch Stream

Hi Dr Steal. I will try and catch you on Mumble soon to have a chat. Message me a time you will be on and I will make sure to catch you :slight_smile:

Acheron is on mumble almost everyday - during evening hours in the EU.

Hey friends,

I have been a member of ADI for almost a year, but have lurked in the shadows as I did not have the hardware to engage the community. I have recently built a new rig (980ti SLI) and begun casting on Twitch.

PC build on PCPartPicker:

I have a small but slowly growing community of loyal followers. I champion Star Citizen on my channel all the time and intend to add a Star Citizen feature day to my weekly casting schedule. Until Star Citizen fully releases, I play Destiny, Bloodborne, Witcher 3 and more with plans to stream Fallout 4, Dark Souls 3, and Salt & Sanctuary. Action adventure, rpgs, and mmos are my wheelhouse.

I welcome all to my channel to come and hangout. Please say hi if you are part of the Twitch community. I would love to contribute any support that I may offer to any other aspiring streamers. I fully embrace the “spread the love” philosophy of Twitch broadcasting.

Twitch channel:

Anyway, I just wanted to open the channels of communication and begin to be a more active member of ADI. I go by ToyzRUsKid or just Toyz on Twitch, but will be Kilrathi Shogun in the Verse.

Kilrathi Shogun :smiley:

That’s great, glad to see you are planning on getting more active with us!
We have a streaming effort currently in place and are continuously developing it, you can contact Marketing folks about it if you would like to help out :slight_smile:

Good luck