To our Veterans...

Thank you for serving the USA!
Have a good day.

Thank you veterans for your service!

Thanks for the Thanks.
It was my pleasure at least!

Thanks for the Thanks.
It was my pleasure at least!

Much obliged. I appreciate the thread.

A big thanks to my brothers and sisters who served. One thing I appreciate about the service, is the gap it closes with people, regardless of the time they served in.

And another big thanks to those continuing to serve. From someone who knows about the sacrifice, thank you for continuing to make it.

I served in the U.S. Army over 30 years ago but still consider it the best and most formative experience of my life. I’m proud of our military and everyone who serves. Thank you!

Remembrance/Veterans day etc, is recognized all over the world.

Thank you to ALL people who serve(d).

Well, in Argentina there is a Veteran’s day but it is celebrated on April 2nd (after the war for Malvinas/Falkland Islands). So, at least not all of America celebrates it on Nov. 11th

I would imagine the countries taking part on the 11th of November remembrance day are the ones that had a significant role during WWI and suffered many casualties. Most of them are in Europe, which explain EndGame’s comment I guess.

I think that is probably right.
It is interesting the effect that participating of WW1 had on Canada (“Canada’s sacrifices and contributions to the war changed its history and enabled it to become more independent”). I did not know: … orld_War_I