Thrustmaster Warthog and MFG Crosswind setup

Is there a step by step to getting the Warthog and the Crosswind working together, for some reason my crosswind turns the warthog stick off but the throttle still works, also if I step on the pedals the ship just starts to turn uncontrollably… I had it working before, but had issues with my Oculus and did a PC refresh several times (turned out it was nvideas new drivers at the time and not my PC… :unamused: )

something to note… when the crosswind is installed there is joystick, joystick1, and joystick2 but when i import them the controls are wonky, however with the crosswind not installed, just the joystick and joystick1 show up and work as usual…


Hello Christopolis,

Same setup here and got it working so keep faith. I use the profile of Solarfly and followed his instructions. One of the comments he made was on usb devices, which might be the issue. Hope you get it up and running! Bye Peter

From Solarfly:
Microsoft can’t get right their device driver ordering.
That means your Thrustmaster joystick, MFD Crosswinds or Saitek pedals, Razer Synapse
and XBox Game Controller will most likely be in a different order from everyone else
and that has so far led to a lot of frustration for everyone. The order might even
change across reboot.

look for “set up usb gamecontrollers” to determine which order your devices are in.

  1. With TARGET Script Running, determine which device input is yours. Let’s say your
    thrustmaster is device 1. You will load layout_solarfly_tm1.
  2. Lets say your rudders are input 3. You will also load layout_solarfly_rud3.
  3. Let’s suppose you don’t have rudders. Just load any of the rudder profiles along
    with your layout_solarfly_tmN file (where N corresponds with your device number)[email protected]