Thrustmaster t1600 calibration

I was hoping to get on some of the action planned this weekend, and actually got my hotas working properly except for some reason my joystick is stuck in a minor roll. From what I remember, that’s what made me give up on it for a while last time. How do you calibrate your joystick?

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I’ve not got this model hotas but I’ve had the issue on two separate occasions, with two different setup’s. The first time, after days of fault finding… I worked out that it was a wired Xbox controller that had the cable wrapped around one of the thumb sticks :slight_smile:
The second time it was a fault with the ship, in game. I didn’t think to try a different ship before reinstalling the game to discover the same issue.

Can you post in our Discord channel to get help there if you haven’t already? I’m surprised no-one has already replied as I know that hotas is popular.
Failing those I’d Google the issue and watch some YouTube videos

I found this pretty quick on YouTube

I actually found the second joystick I had laying around back when I did dual stick and swapping it in seemed to fix the rotate but the x-axis seem to go froward a bit. Ran the joystick calibration which fixed the x-axis but gave major rotation issues.

Sounds like you need to tinker with it like the rest of us. Stick to the video tutorials and if you’ve got the tools for it you’ll be fine