Thrustmaster T.Flight Hotas X Configurations

Hi guys… I am new, and just wanted to know if any of you guys will be using a Hotas x? I need help with setting it up, like configurations.
And help would be most welcome for this newbie. It will be use for Star Citizen.


Here is a link to the RSI Forum:
forums.robertsspaceindustries.c … d-v0-9-1-2

it might be that you have found this link already, if not its worth a look.

I know people playing with that Hotas and combined with the keyboard cause of the “Lack” of buttons, they are satisfied. I played it once with a similar build of another manufacturer and I also found not bad.
its that one: … lightstick

Here is also a good post in Reddit about that: … ck_review/

And here a good vid on youtube (a fresh one):

It has its pros and cons but well its cheap and if you plan to wait until the SC MadCatz hotas shows up its a good solution.

But, there is always a but, :slight_smile: Just rethink a bit your decision and probably get a good used Hotas system, it will train you so much better, cause when you switch over to the SC Hotas you will have no big issues to get familiar with such a setup. Just my two cents here :slight_smile:

Take care


Blaze or Zarkloyd can help you get it setup. Blaze is the Assistant Director of Training.

Does SC even find the hotas?
I tried to make mine work but SC doesnt even find the Hotas at all. I tried what they said on the forums you linked some time ago Kon, and I couldn’t get my hotas to work still.

I tried the different xml-files, even wrote one of my own, didn’t work.
Tried to put it in the mappings folder and even loading it from the conosle, didn’t work.
Basically the only thing I haven’t tried yet is to get a program that reads the T-flight as a another Hotas

All sticks work just fine with the game. Watch out if you have razor keyboards and mice that simulate a virtual joystick the software can cause massive issues with SC.

Again speak with Blaze, we’ve got setting up sticks down pat.

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To configure the T flight I would look at the the pictures for the X-55 or Thrustmaster Warthog. You can carry over some of the hat switch layouts to hat switches on the T flight. The main ones I would look at are the TMS hat (Target Management System) and CMS hat (Countermeasure Management System). Our XML’s are designed to be optimal with our training program so try to take as much from it as you can.

Message or look for me in mumble to get help setting up.

After a lot of work, I seem to have my joysticks working, except when I try to setup PTT. I press the button and they don’t get added as a shortcut in mumble. Did actually get it to happen once while I was just randomly pressing buttons, but I couldn’t setup the shout button, and afterwards the PTT button doesn’t seem to work.

Any ideas?

Run mumble as admin.