Throat mikes

Anyone use a throat mike for mumble and if so, how well does it work for you? My MS reduced dexterity make it pretty much impossible for me to shoot, press the talk button to call out threats, and aim effectively all at once when running into a hostile in MBT. I have a control for it on my left gaming keyboard but that hasn’t worked out so far. It would also help while flying though that seems a bit easier with what I have setup on my joystick.

It would be nice if I could leave voice activation on and be confidate that only me talking will set it off. The less I have to deal with, with my hands the better. But I know how annoying extra noise over mumbe can be and I do have dogs.

Never used a throat mic but voice activation works only in the channel you are in (I believe). You would have to switch channels or still have PTT set up for communications in ADI. So on a Fire Team or in a flight, you couldn’t lead. Team members might only need 1 PTT, but leads will have 3 or more PTT.

you want your right hand as free as it can be for aiming and shooting.

Joystick players keep using hats for things they do not need immediately in combat. I have 4 hat switches and 1 of those would make a great PTT. My right-hand targets & aims, and my throttle does the rest leaving my right-hand dexterity for aiming.

For KB&M certainly during MBT, you could use the 1, 2, 3 for example or if you have extra buttons. I have a Razer Naga Trinity, so I have 12 thumb buttons on my mouse. and 3 of those make great PTT. Someone posted about using a footpad thing with buttons for PTT. can’t recall if it was a Discord or forum post though.

I ordered a Razer Naga Pro to try out though I’d rather not do PPT, at least the basic one, with my shooting hand. Of course hitting PTT with my moving hand while moving/shooting/reporting isn’t great either. As for foot pedals, my legs aren’t much help in general.

If I can setup the throat mike as a sound device for mumble, figure it would be the same as my headphone mike. Not sure have voice activation and shout work together. I don’t mind pushing a button for secondary channels, just not in the heat of battle all the time.

From the other end of mumble, it doesn’t really matter what mic you use. not like we would know, it just has to work. most listeners would prefer a ptt but over an open mic in a flight or squad. That said it is something everyone can handle and should be able to handle. I’d rather you be able to communicate what you need than not.

Try the mic out I can jump in mumble and do sound checks with you. Consider a mute button if that is possible for your team channel just in case your dogs do start to bark a lot, you get a call, or someone walks into the room.