This Noobs perspective

I absolutely love flying this ship. So far this has been the funnest ship so fly and I’m looking at it as a noob the ship handles and responds to my controls and my style of flying. I enjoy several other ships but this is my favorite so far. Also I want to say I appreciate all the help that I have received so far from the org. Without you guys I would have left the I am talkin about the Vanguard heavy fighter :innocent::innocent:

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Glad you are enjoying the Vanguard. Looking to pick one up myself as soon as they come available again. The rework has been pretty sweet.

I was pretty close to calling it quits with SC before I joined ADI. The game gets pretty boring when you’re out there on your own. I am tempted to pick up the vanguard. That is the downside about being here. It tends to lead to a ship buying addiction.

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I second your comments on the ADI community. I’ve played EVE and Elite Dangerous before, and while good games both left me wanting for more interaction with other players. ADI has that in abundance…the team work here is outstanding. Looking forward to the new look on the Vanguard; been toying with the idea of picking up the Harbinger missile version. Glad you’re having a great experience! See you in the Verse.

Ain’t that the truth.