Thinking about getting a hornet

Ok so I’ve got:
Aurora MR Package: $45.00
Standalone Avenger: $60

I want a hornet at least the base ship anyway. I’ve got a few options (or so I think) and I’ll lay them out.

Option 1: Upgrade the Aurora MR to the Hornet Cost: $85.00
Option 2: Melt the Aurora MR game package and use the credit to get an F7C package Cost: $80.00
Option 3: Melt the Avenger and the Aurora MR package and get the Hornet package Cost: $20.00

I don’t care about trading the ships later as I want to keep my option open on what to fly. Option 1, as far as my understanding, is thrown out because the only bonus for the 5 bucks is I can still trade the package off, which I don’t much care about. Option 2 & 3 are left.

I like option 3 the most, because I understand that I can get an Avenger through other means that’s cheaper than the price I paid for it on RSI. If this is the case then I’ll pursue option 3.

Option 4 would be if I can get a game package on an Avenger for cheaper or as cheap as I got the avenger stand alone then I would effectively have option 3, but with reduced cost.

I don’t particularly care for the Aurora as it was just the cheapest thing I saw when I signed on a few weeks ago. Now that I realize the game is actually moving along at a pretty quick development pace then I’m willing to invest more into the game.

Am I understanding the mechanics that come into play with my different options? I’m not 100% sure so that’s why I’m asking all of you.

I’m guessing your MR package comes with an AC pass… unless you plan on getting a Mustang Omega and upgrading it to an Avenger, you’re going to need an AC pass, and most ship packages don’t come with it.