Thinking about adding a Redeemer

Afternoon all,

So I’ve been thinking about adding a Redeemer to my hanger and I was wondering if anyone had any thoughts on the ship, and which division of ADI I should apply for with it?.

Fleet Security or Asset Protection

Well you have probably heard it is a boarding ship. With it’s large shield and docking collar it excels at reaching the target and delivering the boarding party. It also boosts a rather large cargo hold at 24 units, haha I don’t know myself but I can imagine having a remote combat droid or similar military equipment stored there. So its usage should provide usefulness within the marines. It’s also a very well armed with massive frontal firepower and crew quarters for long duration flights. Could be used as a deep space escort ship maybe? Anyways these are just my initial thoughts on the Redeemer. :slight_smile: (+ the cockpit view looks amazing!)

At the time im writing this I would rather use a Prowler as a boardingship for boarding ships, the redeemer is more for landing on space station. But we will see in game ofcourse.

Never heard of the Prowler actually. Any details on why its a better boarding craft? :slight_smile:

Source: … e-Chairman

tbh until both are flyable we can’t really say one is better than any of the others the cutless and connie reworks could change how we view them completely or not at all.

although my redeemer is gonna be uber sexy when planetary assaults happen

Hey, thanks for the info. I think I’m going to hold off on it for a bit.