TheSpaceCoder Wallpaper Spotlights

As requested, here are the links to my wallpaper sets currently posted on the RSI Spotlight. Enjoy!

Sunsets of Stanton in 4K

3.5 Wallpapers


Such Joy!

So Wow!

Wow indeed. Incredible work. I’d love to have a screen saver that was a slide-show of those images. Not being able to code, that’s not something I can take on, but all those shots at beauties I wouldn’t mind seeing more often. Perhaps its something CIG might be interested in using to promote the game. I love your work.

Thank you for the kind words. If you are using Windows 10 I believe it has an option to switch the default screensaver to a custom slideshow.

One more reason to get Win10.

It is pretty nice.

Great shots by the way coder!

Great stuff, Coder!