The RSI Ursa Rover

RSI Ursa Rover vehicle link
Ground vehicle, 2 passengers, 4 Cargo
Fits into Constellation class, …

ground-based scouting, mapping and discovery applications.

From the description on the RSI website, it is for ‘scouting’, ‘mapping’ and ‘discovery’. Does the Rover actually have specialized functions to ‘map’ or scanning for ‘discovery’ ?

IIRC it will be able to drop beacons and stuff. It also protects you from environmental hazards as seen in the CitCon Keynote

Transports four personnel in addition to driver and co-driver (6 total).
Has a dual S1 anti-ground turret.
Carries four SCU cargo.

Drawback has been that it seems to be fragile. The weels have had a tendency to come off pretty quickly when driving in moderate to heavy terrain. This will hopefully change.

So a pretty versatile ground vehicle I would say.

Full exploration mechanics are yet to be included in the game. Since the Ursa is a standard vehicle for the Aquila, it’s possible it would be able to carry a scanning suite… we’ll have to see.

I saw a video where it was said that it was super useful for “Theaters of War”

Hopefully, we’ll eventually get an actual military IFV (preferably multiple types). The Ursa seems like more of a general transport turned into a technical by the addition of a light remote turret.

As a note, the Ursa Rover in Theatres of War has the property of being a mobile spawn point. In the PU, the Ursa is an exploration rover that is designed for harsh weather planets. It will be useful for harsh weather personnel recovery and exploration. This is because it has its own internal atmosphere and life support. I can be used as a makeshift APC but combat is not its intended role.

I have no doubt that SC will release a dedicated APC at some point. With more guns, more armor, and more personnel space than the Ursa.