The dreaded Connection error connection failed problem

I just got the game downloaded and the 20 gb patch downloaded and spun up the game. immediately i get a connection error connection failed messege. I immediatly though my over protective computer was just blocking it. so i turned off the fire wall and kaspersky protection to let it through and work out the how to let the game work with them later. still no dice.

Right after i started looking for fixes and found other suggesting i deleet the user folder and give that a try. i did that but still to no avail. what else can i try to fix this because uninstalling and re-installing a 20 gb game again just isn’t a option.

Delete your USER folder?

I would suggest first deleting the USER folder inside starcitizen/citizenclient

If this does not work and the problem does not self resolve (the only other suggestions i could offer are restarting and checking your connection) the only other thing i can suggest is to uninstall and re-install the game. I had a similar issue after i installed the 1.0 update and no matter what i did (even a few days after) i had said connection issue. It required an uninstall and full reinstall likely due to corrupted files (there is no repair option on the launcher as of yet).

Hope this helps for you bro. If i can be of any other help get me on groupme or mumble (though i may not respond right away due to Superbowl festivities).

Deleting my user folder was one of the 3 fixes i attmepted with no such luck

This was one of the fixes i attempted sadly it didn’t help

I understand it’s super bowl sunday practically a national tailgate/party day. and i am going to go and uninstall the game and give the install another shot and hopefully it doesn’t fail on me this time. thanks again for the help.

Unfortunately, with it being an alpha there isn’t much that we can do about these types of issues other than uninstall/reinstall or repair.