The Base/INN Premier Give Away

If you haven’t already I would recommend signing up for this
Quoted From the Site

"1st Prize – an LTI Hull E, courtesy of INN and The Base

2nd through 10th prizes – These prizes will be filled as The Base and INN get funded over the course of this contest. Donations we receive will go into populating the 2nd through 10th prizes. The more we get, the better the prizes. Freelancer? Constellation? The sky’s the limit here! Current ships in this prize pool:

1 LTI Hull C courtesy of Ricko from The Base
1 Gladius courtesy of Nekhara from INN
1 LTI Hull B courtesy of Erris from INN
1 LTI Hull B courtesy of Wolf from INN
1 LTI Hull A courtesy of Analog Dan from INN
1 LTI Hull A courtesy of FlyntDragon from The Base
1 LTI Hull A courtesy of Elwoodgrim a fan of The Base

11th through 60th prizes – Your choice of:
A – a hand-crafted Star Citizen drink coaster, made by Erris, and shipped worldwide to your location, or
B – one Star Citizen Flair of your choice." … 2-edition/

Just Thought people would like to know.
Sorry If this a breach of any forum rules, I couldn’t find them anywhere.

Thanks for sharing this.