No fancy introduction here. I am an old-school gamer and have played since you had to type in DOS to get started. Played some really awesome simulation space, and flight games over the years and recently got interested in Star Citizen. I have a new joystick and am fumbling through the process of trying to get the controls working right, unsure wether I am running into game bugs or just not doing a very good job getting the joystick set-up. I don’t really know where I will fit in as I don’t want to limit my gaming to only one specific area of the game. But I have enjoyed dogfighting even with the issues I keep running into. Not afraid to spend time mining, and hauling so that I can afford more vessels. Hope to see you guys and gals around. And again, thanks for the email recruitment.


Hey Northrock!

Glad to have you here! One of the great things about having certification based opportunities is you can be a jack of all trades :slight_smile: Hope to see you soon!

Greetings Northrick, glad to see you in ADI. You’ll find this is a really good group of folk, keybindings is a pain in the arse for sure; every update, I’m redoing mine. What do you have? There are folk working on a standardized binding, and might have what you need. Hope to see you in the ‘verse’

Welcome Northrock. My advise for the key binding would be just take an hour and get it right the first time. You can copy your key binding setting from: Star Citizen/LIVE/USER/Controls. Once you have it copied and saved, you can throw it into any new Control folder that comes up and load it in game setting. You’ll never have to worry about redoing your key set again.

Welcome to ADI Northrock. I think you’ll find that many players share that same opinion of not knowing where to start. I think as the game develops and we can try and test new systems as we find those areas where we excel. Mining and hauling sound like fun careers and you’ll get plenty of support from others looking to escort. You’ll get your joystick working, feel free to send me a pm as I may be able to help or talk to another member in mumble.

Talk soon.

Hi Northrock

Welcome to ADI. Sorry to hear about your troubles getting your HOTAS ready. I have a great deal on knowledge about keybindings. Long story short Someone, me paid a high price in pain so you don’t have to. lol Please feel free to reach out to me if you see me in mumble. I’d be more than happy to help you out.