Thank you

Hi, thank you for the invite in Star Citizen. Looking forward to meet you and have fun in differents aspects of the game. Please to join your organisation.


Welcome, nobsirak. Onboarding you now

Welcome Aboard Nobsirak!

Hope your onboarding goes smoothly and you find your footing here within ADI. If you have any questions about the Organization, Star Citizen or just need some technical assistance. Feel free to message me here via the PM System on the forums, I am generally best reached through the forums.

First question I would have for you, what are your plans for the verse? This would help me better understand which Division you might end up in and I can help you get in contact with the right people :smiley:

Again Welcome to Atlas Defense Industries!

Well, fisrt I’m interested in exploration & survey. But, it might change later.

Survey and Exploration is always needed. We won’t know where to mine if we don’t know where to go :smiley: … ion-survey - Would most likely be the best Division for you for the time being. Check out the link I’ve posted if you haven’t already.

Also note, you can change divisions at a later time if you decide that you want to do something else within the verse.

Welcome to ADI nobsirak

Hi Nobsirak,

Welcome to ADI. Looking forward to fly with you!