Thank you all,

Hello everyone, I would just like to say thank you to all of the people that have helped me during my 3 years here at ADI. And thank you to ADI for letting me be a part of this ORG, it has given me lots of help and ive met alot of very nice people in here.

I decided however to try something different. I love Star citizen but I never found something I loved doing in it as of the current state of the game. Which has led me to try something different at a different ORG.

There are so many who have helped and made my experience the best it could have been. I think for sure I am at fault myself for not integrating myself enough into ORG ops and general play. But I want to try something new.

Thank you to all who frequent the mumble, i think you know who you are as you guys have helped me more than anyone!

Cheers and farewell. I will see you in the verse!


I can’t imagine that there’s many people that would depart an org and leave as nice a message as this. It’s testament to how nice a bunch we all are and sign we’re doing something right :+1:


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