Tech Info for Star Citizen

[size=200]Post Tech Config & Setup Info Here For Star Citizen[/size]

[size=200]Input to ActionMap Names for XML editing[/size]

[size=130]This is the same information that was posted by Electrocutor on the RSI Forum. I’m re-posting it here in a doc attachment to ensure the information isn’t lost.[/size]

[size=130]This information was posted in Mumble by philux - if your not on your missing out![/size]

This will set some default settings when you start Star Citizen the will help improve your framerate

  1. Nav to your ‘CitizenClient’ folder
  2. Create a file named ‘user.cfg’
  3. Edit USER.cfg and enter the following lines:
    . a) r_VSync = 0
    . b) r_MotionBlur = 0
    . c) g_skipIntro=1

Note: Boolean logic is used so you can turn them off or on based on your preferences (0=off, 1=on)

*edit: file name - renamed “user.cfg -> USER.cfg”

How does “g_skipIntro=1” help frame rate? (when that’s not an in-game issue)

It obviously doesn’t :wink:

For FPS-optimized graphics settings you might wanna consult this thread on reddit and play arround with the different options.

np, Just thought what I use, others would be interested in too. There is a lot of info to sift through on RSI… :wink:

[size=130]Side by sides of the Hull series cargo ships combined from RSI “A Hull for Every Job…”[/size]


[size=150]-Front Elevation-[/size]

[size=150]… anyone interested in remapping their keys for their buggy shoot me a message [/size] :slight_smile:

[size=150]Also of note, you may have to manually set/reset the keybinds to default then load your custom xml file(s) from the console in order for them to function correctly.

  1. open the game console by pressing the tilde on your keyboard
  2. type “pp_rebindkeys” (you will get the message that the game defaults have been loaded)
  3. type "pp_rebindkeys " insert the name of your custom file in the ‘user’ folder where is… e.g. layout_mydefaults_exported.xml (you will get another message that your layout was loaded)
  4. press the tilde from the keyboard again to close the console

Happy editing!

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