Support my fleet? (Advice for a new ship/profession)

So I am looking for an exstra ship to support my fleet of ships. So I currently have a BMM, Super Hornet, cuttlas Black and Apollo medivac.
So I am looking for an ship to suport my income in star citizen and have selected a few jobs I am thinking about.
Mining, Salvage, Rapair. What would you recommend?
The ship I am planing on upgrading is the cuttlas black.
What profession would you recommend and what ship would you recommend in thoes professions (Ps I am not looking for the biggest ships)
Thanks in advance.

I tend to think small, so for me the Prospector makes perfect sense.

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if you want go into mining i definitely recommend to have a look into the prospector. if you team up with a 2nd prospector you can crack every rock even in microtech and if you go solo into the aaron halo you will make a lot of money fast. mining is very fun (to me) and very lucrative (at the moment).
if you have any questions on mining, shoot away :slight_smile:

Looking at your desired role/slot for the upgrade it’s probably going to be the choice between the Prospector and the Vulture. The Prospector is a money maker right now and is immediately useful. The Vulture isn’t flyable yet, salvaging isn’t in game yet (soon_tm) and the comparable profitability in the short term and/or long term (since everything can change in an instant) is unpredictable.

It’s very possible when salvaging comes in they’ll at least temporarily incentivize it by giving it high profits. That doesn’t mean that will last, it also doesn’t mean that mining profitability with the Prospector won’t also change at some point. It’s a guessing game.

Ships typically become purchasable in game the patch after they become flyable. When the Vulture and salvage comes out, if you don’t own one and want one in game you’ll have to wait about 3 months. If you don’t mind that, you will easily be able to bank enough in game currency with the Prospector to purchase one in game when they become available. If you’re itching to salvage, love the concept of the Vulture, and don’t want to wait a quarter after it becomes flyable to use it…then you’ll have to choose Vulture and buy one.

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Buy the entrepreneur pack. Mining, salvage, and RRR ships come with it, plus a few extra starting credits.

Vulture for $140, gives the Prospector and Buccaneer as loaners :slight_smile:

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