SUPER-44 Intro

Howdy ADI members I’m top 1% in the world in MW but I’ve started to transition more to SC and BF2042 I’ve been enjoying this game and can’t wait to see this games future. A little information about I am a senior lease production operator I basically baby sit oil. Looking forward to play with all of y’all

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Welcome to the team!!

Awesome to see you here!

Welcome to ADI. Can’t wait to see you in the verse

Nice to meet you tonight Super-44. Glad to have in FS AG. Hope you had fun with the marines tonight…(Thursday)

Keep your eyes on the forums as ADI runs on these pages and a few reminders on discord.

Welcome to ADI see you in Mumble

Welcome aboard, Super-44!

Try to stay on Mumble & Discord often so you don’t miss out on activities!


Welcome! I’m top 1000% in MW2 :smiley:

Am I right in assuming you prefer doing FPS Combat?