Stick for HOMAS setup

So after a lot of research i have decided to get the Thrustmaster T-16000M Flight Stick

Because it is ambidextrous, i can customise it for use in my left hand for standard HOMAS setup, or if i decide to go dedicated joystifck flight it has all the things i need.

Im treating it as a solid entry level joystick. After learning a lot, if i decide i need a change i will make the appropriate change to fit my preferences :smiley:

Did i make a good choice? (coming from literally 0 experience with joysticks in any form on the PC)

I’ve heard good things about that stick for entry level. It even uses hall effect sensors, which you typically don’t find until you reach a much higher level of the joystick/hotas market.

I can confirm the T16000M is a really really good joystick, I used it for months and never regretted getting it. :slight_smile:

Like you said… It’ll be a good stick, until you decide to upgrade.