Steel0341rain Player Intoduction

hello, Im steel0341rain or you can call me Dre… I just started playing about a week ago… I enjoy doing transportation… Im still trying to firgure the game out … Im a disabled war veteran so i dont really work i stay home and take care of my wife and mother in law… But im looking forward to playing with everyone and learning more about the game


Welcome to ADI :slightly_smiling_face:

Welcome to ADI, and thank you for your service. You’ll fit right in here. Don’t be a stranger, you’re among family. What are you driving in-game? I imagine you’ll go for Commerce & Transportation but there are many divisions to choose from. Look around, kick the tires and check out which divisions are doing what right now and in the near future; what you can sink your teeth into. This is the game’s slow season but things will pick up very soon. Later man.

I drive the avenger titan. I love transportation and delivering… i tries bounties but i need more practice… i really wanna try flying in a ship on the turrets helping out…

Welcome to ADI, Dre! I’m glad you joined the team! I look forward to seeing you in game. Thank you for your service!

Welcome to ADI. See you in game

Welcome to ADI ! I look forward to playing with you! Thank you for your service. If you need any help figuring anything out just ask! We all know a little something around here.