Hi all!
Stedford here an old backer but a new player looking to make some moves in the verse and create friendships along the way!
Looking forward to some epic times with you guys :smiley:


Hi @Stedford, Welcome to ADI.

Hey there buddy just wanted to Welcome you to ADI it was good to talk to you earlier and get you going here, I think you will be a great fit and a Nice addition to PCS. What type of ships were you looking forward to piloting once they are released?

Welcome to ADI, buddy. Looking forward to some good times in the verse with ya.

Welcome to ADI! You are very much among friends here, and the org brings a whole new level to game play. Fully crewing some of the big ships is something to behold :slight_smile: see you in the verse!

Welcome to the Team, Stedford. A great group here to do things with. Feel free to ping me anytime if you have questions. I look forward to running with you in the 'Verse!

Welcome Stedford, we have a vast range of knowledge between all of us so feel free to ask any question about the game you may have. We are a great bunch of people that love Star Citizen and ADI we are very glad to have you with us.

Welcome to ADI, Stedford, if you have any questions or need any help please don’t hesitate to ask, we’re always glad to help. Looking forward to flying with you in The Verse!

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Hey thanks again awesome job at rolling me in man, covered all bases and made me feel welcome right off the bat!
Aww man what ships don’t I wanna fly right now is the question :sweat_smile: Ihave got a 300i (which im unable to access atm, any suggestions welcome ther) a Cutlass Black and a Roc right now and am just real eager to try out my HOTAS on any and all others haha!

Also thanks everyone who responded to my post :smiley: real nice to see such a tight and welcoming org, I look forward to adventures with you all!


You are very welcome anytime you need anything just ask, yea that " ship not retrievable" thing is a bummer its sort of a waiting game = /. See you in there :beers:

Welcome to ADI Stedford. I’m glad you joined the team. Which division did you choose?

Welcome aboard Stedford, you mentioned a HOTAS, which one do you have? Looking forward to serving along side you.

I heard recently that if you can’t spawn a ship then it’s a character reset but there’s a possibility that renting a ship might work. Apparently, if you rent a ship then at the end of the rental period your other ships may become recoverable. I’ve not tried it myself…

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Hey thanks Mesachi :grin: and since I am flying with throttle and stick (T.Flight HOTAS 4 btw Gold Ranger) I chose Marine Pilot. Going to look at joining a training session as soon as work permits :sweat_smile:

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Cool man, how are you enjoying that one so far? In my opinion Star citizen is so much more fun and immersive with a HOTAS

I’ve had this one for a while as before stepping fully into the verse I was cuttin about in Elite Dangerous, that taught me the necessity of a Hotas in space sims so yea fully feel you on that point!
I am leaning towards upgrading it soon so if u have any suggestions from experience i’d love to hear it, I will have to hold off for a while on the purchase though cos I just got myself a Tobii eye tracker :sweat_smile:

Thanks i’ll give it a try tonight :grin:

tobii eye tracker is next on my list haha, i want it so bad. my current HOTAS is a logitech X56 and i also use ThrustMaster rudder pedals. i can say the x56 is a great hotas over all part for a few details such as the fact that its massive blocky size is rediculous, and even with the high tension spring, the stick likes to jiggle a bit so a slight deadzone is required. other than that its an awesome unit with loads of options for assigning binds.

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