Status of the game / worth getting back to it now?

Hello everyone!

I’ve been taking a break from SC since late October '21, some time before the 3.15 and the “big wipe”.
I’ve been thinking about getting back to SC and am wondering if this would be a good time to do so.

I started the break because I felt like most of the gameplay loops weren’t really working and of course the wipe was bound to kill the few that did by sending all my hard earned credits and ships into dev>null.
I already noticed the post on Members only -section, that there’s a big wipe coming in 3.17.2.
So, with that in mind, could you guys shed some light into the current status of SC at 3.17.1?

Has there been any development in getting any game play loops working, for example trading etc or is it still basically the same as in 3.14? I’m guessing no since frequent wipes probably make trading kinda useless.


3.17.1 has been stable. The addition of more bunker/cave missions has been an emphasis for CI and the enticement is better payoffs. Standard practice. When cargo trading came out, that is where the credits were. Same for when mining came out. I expect them to continue that method to ensure we test what they want us to test.

The is a new inventory system. No more magic bag of holding. Where your “stuff” is is where it is. Fortunately you can move it around, to include ship components, if you have a large enough ship (a Cutlass Black is big enough).

They are currently testing servers over 50 people (up to 120), but they have said that is just testing and won’t be in 3.17.2 at Live.

You could download 3.17.2 PTU (it is open to all) to knock the rust off. Obviously don’t waste time trying to grind for credits, but you could check out whatever has changed.


Thanks for the reply and insights, Jolly01.

I’m probably going to wait until the end part of the year still and see where we’re at then and how frequent the wipes are going to be. Getting anywhere with just a Mustang Alpha under you takes a lot of grinding and at the end of that grinding is another wipe, I imagine. I’m pretty tight on free time as is so… :smiley:

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I’ve been inactive since about that same point as well @Trokaaja, I’ve just been looking at getting back into things too and came here to ask almost the same thing :sweat_smile: If you’re looking for someone to play with, let me know. I have a number of multi crew ships in my fleet too.

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Nah, rather have you bump it than start a new one.

We are in 3.17.3. Evocati testing for 3.18 just started. Optimistic is 3.18 in three weeks, pessimistic five. 3.18 will come with a wipe. We don’t know what they will wipe but I suspect all except for gained reputation.

I’ve found it fairly stable but am getting about one 30K every 2-3 hours. My frames have been solid with 58 except when in a city when they will drop to mid-40s. Been playing daily.