Station (formerly Stanton) 7 race circuit

Good news Racers, the Daymar Rally fun does not have to end. The same esports org that put together the Daymar Rally, Atmo Esports, is running a 7 course circuit around Stanton!

Here is what we are looking for: RC, Nox, Dragonfly, Hoverquad, ROC, PTV and URSA racers. Support Pilots may may be needed for a few of the longer races and to help with navigation in practice while we learn the routes.

The time commitment will be large as this is a circuit and the team you sign up with is the team you compete with. For example, if ADI has multiple teams, we will be unable to swap people between teams.

If interested reach out to myself, Cobra22, Khakkis or just reply to the forum post.

IMPORTANT: ATMO is working on updates to the event so courses and maybe some dates may change soon.


I’m down to help with support. I’m not the best racer, but happy to help as support pilot / support co pilot / spare driver, etc.

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Awesome thank you Grinnin. We are planning on working at all the vehicle associated so you may not be the best now but you will get better!

Count me in

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