Star wars squadrons

Is Star wars squadrons any good? I should probably preface that with the fact that it’s free on the epic store until the 1st. So keeping that in mind, is it good considering it’s free, and any fighter jocks interested in taking on the empire together?

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I love it!!
Plays amazingly well on my Quest 2 VR.

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I recently bought it but not play it yet, cant wait to use it on my VR as well.

It was recently free though Epic games and was one of the most disappointing games I’ve ever played. I’d wanted it from launch but never bought it but was exciting as it’s Starwars. I cranked the difficulty and realism up and went for it a couple of weeks ago… it feels like a 80s arcade game which really turned me off of it and I couldn’t get into it after 4 and a 1/2 of the campaign missions.

However, that said. The storyline seemed great, the sound effects were true and I was flying an X-wing! All of that give it huge amount of cool points by default.

Also, I have to say that it’s entirely possible that the game plays the way it does because it’s mean to. Late 70’s / 80’s movie’s - did they intend for the mechanics and movement to feel as rigid as they do??? - it’s possible BUT it’s made by EA and their reputation proceeds them. For me atleast, it struck me as a churned out, accessible, console based, half-effort produced by a cheap, inexperienced Dev team that towed the line to whack something out for maximum profit - something which even the rigorous, high quality standards of the Starwars branding couldn’t overcome - of course… It’s entirely possible that that’s intentional too :person_shrugging:

I suppose what I’m trying to say is that it’s not the StarCitizen. It’s not the product of a labour of love but an accessible game designed for the masses and console, therefore controller users. Take it as it comes, enjoy it because it’s Starwars but prepare to be disappointed as it felt like a disappointing, missed opportunity for the Starwars branding.
That buggy, mess that we love to hate, StarCitizen - this will make you appreciate it even more.

Agreed, it’s not a space-sim game.

Star Wars games always feel arcade-y, because that’s what they are.
Fun console fodder for an entertaining play-through.

I love it. Often I am called a cheater because I play in VR. It’s so cool that I can turn my head and look out the cockpit and see other fighters.

Felt the same way about the game. Was looking for something to cure by Star Citizen needs during 3.18 hell, but apreciated Star Citizen a lot more when I tried to play and quickly gave up.