Star Wars Battlefront

Anyone on on Battlefront can add me: souldefiler0213

What does everyone think of it?

Ask me when I move into my new apartment and get my desktop back in January :frowning:

Started playing on the XBox One recently, gamertag Balin13 (same as ADI), will get it for the PC soon as well. I am enjoying it a lot. Graphics look fantastic with the Frostbite engine. I laughed while using cockpit view in an X-Wing…they definitely do not handle like SC ships lol.

All in all a great game imo, nice break for crazy mayhem after playing FO4 for a long period of time.

I am loving Battlefront.

My xbox should be arriving today and I will probably end up buying it for then so you may hear from me soon

Oh no! :astonished:

It doesn’t seem like it is “battlefront” but the game is truly awesome

I’ve got it for the xbox one myself. Do enjoy cutting about in a TIE fighter blasting rebels.

Even more so in slave 1.

Looking forward to seeing what’s on the expansion list.