Star Citizen Updates

Something to note v1.1 has been delayed until next week, but there will be a new build on the test server which has the Retaliator in it tonight. Also the Idris has once again grown in size according to “Reverse the Verse”.


everse the ‘Verse – Episode 38 Notes (in progress)

– Ben sounds sad. James sounds loud.

– Meeting at 11 AM Pacific to see if they can launch. Some blockers, but they’ll know more later today.

– If not today, they’ll try tomorrow.

– Travis pulls Ben out for a meeting about 1.1. Sounds like the patch is down to the wire.

– New subscriber flair is a plaque, essentially thanking subscribers.

– News about 3 year subscription rewards should be coming soon.

– Next Thursday – competition macaroni and cheese off. Everyone on community team making their best macaroni and cheese inspired dish. Intense competition!

– CIG needs their banner back. PLEASE. No questions asked. If you happen to be at SXSW, just drop it off. Say you just happened to find it. They won’t care. They just want it back.

– Sandi just walked in.

– Chris’ presentation stream on Star Citizen twitch at 6:30 CDT.

– SC HOTAS holdup is in legal. Send all complaints to Toast.

– Tickets for CitizenCon will be up after SXSW.

– More character models coming. (including female)

– All ship access week starts today.

– Sandi will be in SXSW on Sunday for the party

– Sandi found a cool venue in Berlin, but she’s not sure when they’d have the event, as they already do Gamescom there.

– They’re asking if you prefer snap-back hats or velcro back.

– They’ll do a poll on the subscriber forums about it.

– They’re looking into how to do Jump Point year 2 book.

– Sandi really wants the HOTAS deal finished, but she doesn’t know if it’ll be ambidextrous.

– Next week interesting ship sale hoped to be up. No ship sales for the SXSW weekend.

– Montreal in July for a party. (ERRIS) (I WILL BE THERE)

– Will there be swearing? Sandi: “Nobody fucking swears here.”

– Sandi thinks the Social module is right on target.

– James thinks the 100gig comment was out of context, but they’ll talk about it more another time.

– Ben was helping Years1Hundred find a place to sleep (because everyone loves Years)

– Chelsea and Travis working at Illfonic for the next little while.

– Mars landing zone in PU? Maybe.

– Functionality for expanding ship skins to all ships coming.

– Meeting for Ben… Ben: “It was a meeting… good news/bad news.” Travis will come talk in a moment.

– Bad news – 1.1 is a no go today.

– New PTU build going up (including Tali) later today.

– Blockers: Multiplayer Free Flight and landing mechanics. Very complicated, right now there’s a bug where ships don’t land or take-off, they just vibrate.

– Chris will have a letter out today with some specifics and some SXSW stuff

– Next week we’ll have the formal 1.1 build.

– Hardpoint design post going up today, Even though the build that enables it isn’t up yet.

– Fly Free week won’t include the Gladius, but there will be a Gladius fly-free week very soon.

– Fly Free week working on PTU? A strong maybe… unsure. Requires work on Turbulents part, but they hope they can do that.

– No FPS release date today, but Chris’ Letter from the Chairman will address FPS release plans.

– It needs some polish first.

– ESP toggle is a thing.

– Travis is here too.

– We will not be able to disable ship VO’s

– You will only be able to access friends’ hangars when they’re online in the first release of the social module.

– MVP – Formal apology from Hydro Big Bang, who was responsible for getting into the Glaive.

– From Ben: The Vive is the ‘Valve-killus-Rift’

– No ETA on Avenger variant reveals (hard no)

– AC 2.0 will have docking/boarding mechanics.

– There is a lot of work behind the scenes making sure that they’ll eventually be able to make use of Google Cloud Computing to make sure that there are servers around the world.

– Re-releases of old merchandise are possible.

– New AC Maps are in the works. Larger maps with interesting space obstacles, experiments with PU stellar features. (Asteroids, Nebulae, etc…)

– Once issues with new damage system are ironed out, it will be rolled out to the other existing ships.

– New mount system should be in place in the new PTU release.

– Starfarer is SICK – Travis.

– Xi’An Scout – modelling process underway. Foundry 42 asked the Xi’An Scout be pushed back in favour of the Drake Herald. (Herald is needed more for SQ42 than Xi’An apparently)

– Merchantman – interior concepts being finalized.

– Vanguard/Bulldog – Travis calls it the Bullguard – It’s making good progres. Will be premiering ‘soon tm’. James had said it would be next week, but apparently that just changed in the meeting Ben went to. So no idea when it’ll be.

– Scythe will be ready sooner… sooner than you’d think, but not as soon as you’d hope. Conversion to being human accessible is cool.

– P52 being redone as part of Constellation remodel. In-house presentation today, work finished soonish.

– Anvil Aerospace Crucible (repair ship) will be done by George Hull. (Orion and Reclaimer)

– Hull series – Hullapalooza is upcoming. In progress, nearly complete with the Hull C, they’ll extrapolate to the other Hulls from there.

– REC will not be in the PTU. Won’t be able to REC it up till next week.

– Jim Martin doing the Hull series. (Freelancer)

– Idris has gotten bigger again.

– Ben: “By the time Squadron 42 comes out, it will eclipse the entire universe.”

– Cutlass variants – no updates on when Variants will be flyable.

– No update on new CCU system.

– Nothing currently in production that fits the bill of the ‘Firefly’.

– No update on melting Voyager Direct items.

– No information on Retaliator variants.

– Working on a friend referral system but Turbulent is uber busy. System is prototyped out, and is coming.

– Carrack is confirmed to fit in most jump points. Because that’s a question that people ask.

– FPS Module – Dragging and medical kits will be in the release.

– 1.1 delay does not affect FPS module.

– Smaller ships that are associated with larger ships (scout for Carrack, 85x for 890) will be done when their parent ship is done.

– FPS modes on release

– 8v8 counter-strike style, 2 teams 2 rounds, you die you’re dead.

– Astro Arena – “legally distinct from Enders Game” gameplay. 16 vs 16. Will be like a sport.

– ESRB rating for SC/SQ42 will be either Teen or Mature. Not going for a particular rating, will tell the story they want.

– No GTA Guns and boobs wherever they can, has to be relevant to the Universe. Wing Commanders were T and M, so somewhere in there for SC. They may not get a rating till they do a boxed copy anyway.

– Fly Free Week will NOT be in the PTU

– Stay tuned to the PTU for Gladius ship speed and weapons increases.

– 1.1 broken, which is why it’s not going live today.

– Herald does not have an asymmetrical design anymore.

– There will probably be some form of military variant of the mobiGlas.

– Squadron 42 it’s coming along, and they’re going to be doing more mo-cap for it soon.

– Chris will be out of the office for “quite a long time.” (directing performance capture shoot)

– The battlecruiser is “BIG”. Can’t reveal name yet.

– Star Citizen business model: Disposable space diapers, $5 each.

– Real and in-game ones. (they are joking. Space diapers are a joke.)

– Don’t write in to Customer Service asking them when a concept is coming. They can’t help with that. They also can’t help when you ask 50 questions at once. Be considerate. Also don’t submit duplicates. Or all caps. Or ask them out. They are humans too. Please consider that.

– CS got through ticket mountain! applause

– There will be an AC manual update when 1.1 comes out.

– There will be a Star Marine manual as well.

– Dogtags are still in production, probably 1-2 months.

– T-shirts shipping in the next week or two.

– Clothing system will allow top hats and space helmets.

– 1.1 has new ESP tweaks that will help gamepads and such. More of a predictive system than a reactive one.


– Freelancer and Constellation finished whiteboxing and moved to greyboxing.

– There are no issues running SC on Windows 10

– Agent Smithing – it’s a PU thing, Tony will be working on it, and it will be balanced as they start to develop it.

– Tune into the SXSW Presentation in ~5 ½ hours

– Chris is appearing on the Geek Stage, more general presentaton. Sunday is the actual Star Citizen event.

  • And stream is done.

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