Star Citizen PTU

Hey guys,

For anyone who hasn’t seen the transmission yet the guys at CIG have now made the PTU open to all backers. Hold your horses now! That doesn’t stand for ‘Persistent Test Universe’! It’s a feature they are using to test out new features, at the moment in AC, before fixing up and releasing to the game proper.

This is the front line of bugs and glitches and they are asking people to step up to the mark to truly provide as much help as we all can. So that is the first thing to point out, it’s good to report bugs. Straightforward if you follow the reporting process which can be found here:

Second of all, I think it really is important we are involved in things like this. In TS last night, for me in Europe anyway, we were discussing conversations had in TS (and in rooms such as the SC room and Blackwell’s etc…) anyway, the gist was that we need to make sure we are keeping conversations a) mature and b) relevant. Now the importance of this here PTU is to be as up to date, knowledgeable and engaged with the SC process, ie show we are an active forward thinking Org (I know I know, we know as much as we possibly can and are getting well setup with what there is. No Org can really do anymore than we are doing now, no matter what they say).

And this, participating in PTU, would be a great thing to do actively, so we are clearly seen as a proactive and well 'versed (punny) Org with engaged members. (This may sound strange coming from someone who is new himself and non leadership, but it just echos the thoughts I’ve had and heard in TS, especially last night. I’m certainly not issuing directives, just posting a heads up)

Pretentious lecture over (who is this guy anyway?)

Log into your RSI, go to settings and you’ll see PTU in gold lettering. Copy over your account to the PTU and you can access it from the launcher when you go into it’s settings, all of this is mentioned in the transmission:

Have a good day/night


Thx for the heads up!

Happy to do this :slight_smile:

I actually came here to “call from the rooftops” the good news of how awesome it was as today I had a few hours on 1.0.1 (couldn’t resist) and straight away got into a 4 player vanduul swarm… so much fun, even without comms! :slight_smile: missiles were far more fun too (albeit a bit buggy.)

Can’t wait for flight night on the weekend. Will definitely be in there.

I’m up for reporting bugs etc too and helping put our name forward. I don’t have any more time till Friday night again though so if it’s still only in the PTU then I’ll be posting bugs etc.

The major one I saw so far is that no “friends” show up on the left side of the lobby yet so it might be hard to test multiplayer (with designated ADI guys) until they sort that or release the patch, I can’t see it being much of a “team effort” on reporting bugs but hopefully that will change soon for the PTU build.

See you guys Friday (hopefully the EU guys will be in TS now with the improvements!) :wink:

Just an additional note in case the patch doesn’t go live by friday night.

It seems it is possible to add friends in the PTU 1.0.1 patch as well but you have to log in to the website here and add new friends (config ship etc) here instead:

That means that we can potentially still have fight night with all of us in private matches if we use the PTU instead of the normal one and add players again :slight_smile:

That’s if you can stomach the 20GB download! :wink:

Just wanted to let everyone know that the PTU is back up again for testing of the 1.0.2 bug patch. In the process of downloading it myself, there isn’t a whole lot to report in terms of the patch notes. You can take a gander here :


Thanks Rush, downloading the PTU update now thanks to your post. - Cheers.