Star Citizen Gameplay videos

Well since Shadow play is a Native feature for Nvidia owners, it left me wondering why am i not filming my SC antics. First and mostly, I film to showcase Bugs for the Issue Council, but in between are some comedy gold.

So if anyone else is interested please share your video’s with fellow Org members.

Ok first video…

Well a few people have mentioned that the AI that flies the pirate ships are prone to colliding with other ships…So i had to make a quite entertaining video showcasing this.

Wrestling a wild Hornet. Cowboy style.

Spawned a Hornet on Pad A02. I must have spooked it on my approach because it kicked like a bronco from its rear legs and flipped up into space. I managed to grab hold of the reins and, after some twistin, heavin, and hawin, wrestled it into submission. Yeee Haww!!


Here is a Saber after a long night of drinking and partying.

In what other game can you board an NPC’s ship, shoot him and take it over (almost). Cool. I have to try this.–FuEbk

I have some R rated Fraps footage of some ship to ship activities on one of the landing pads @ ?Olisar? that I’ll have to dig out & try to share when I get home. Found & uploaded, 2 minutes of raw video :open_mouth:

I vid from patch 2.0 Cheers!

I came in at #1 !!

so newb question here how does one use shadow play?

open up your Nvidia Shadowplay tab from the Nvidia Experience program.

lol of course it had to be that easy.

Nvidia was counting on it being used very often.

Now to find that on my computer…

Very cool. Nice feature.

RC and I had some fun practising our dogfighting skills last night. Here is the video.

Another hilarious attempt to commandeer a pirate ship. This time I got it on video!

What are the chances?

How to get to Grim Hex for all you law abiding citizens.

If the pirate life is not for you,
you can’t bring yourself to shoot another citizen in monitored space,
you don’t want to scratch the fresh paint job on your old ship at Port Olisar or
turning off a comm array messes with your cell reception too much
but you still want to immerse yourself in the “atmosphere” of a genuine pirate port, go on a tour and bring back a few souvenirs?

You’ve come to the right place!

Take a gander at this here video and you’ll be sayin “Arrrg” with a parrot on your shoulder in no time!

Nice Video!

Flight Night Shenanigans!

We are in hostile territory. The squad leader suddenly gets sucked into the wall! Oh shit! What happened!? Squad leader!! Noooooooo!!!
What do we do now?

Slaps own face
Get it together soldier! I am #2. The lives of the squad is now in my hands. All that matters is that the rest of these men back to their families, alive.

Rest in piece squad leader.