SpaceSpooky's Introduction

Hey, the names SpaceSpooky. play many games of like this (like eve online) and was looking for a dedicated group of people to work with.

Hello SpaceSpooky. Welcome to ADI.

A dedicated group we certainly are. It is good you made your way here. Experience in eve is certainly a plus. What are you planning on doing in the verse? Any particular careers in mind? Personally I can’t wait to do some cargo hauling and trading. Exploration also has some appeal.

Finally, I don’t believe you’ve been onboarded yet. If not, when you get the chance, hop in our mumble server and we’ll get you all set up. (Mumble Setup Instructions)

Welcome Spacespooky, you have come to the right place, it’s a well run and organised org. Just what you’ll need in SC.
Glad your onboard you’ll often find me in Mumble feel free to say hi anytime.

Welcome SpaceSpooky,

You’ll find ADI is an group of immensely dedicated people. I’m glad you’re here. 3.0 is right around the corner so now is a great time to join. I hope you hop mumble and place some games for us while we wait. Friday night flight nights are also a great way to get connected with ADI players in SC. All the best to you as you get adjusted

Welcome to ADI SpaceSpooky. I never played EVE online, however i’ve heard many good things about it. Hellion is another game the Org plays, and since you express interest in space games, perhaps that would be your cup of tea? If you ever would like to play any FPS games, like Rainbow Six Siege, PUBG, Arma…etc, let me know and we could play!

Welcome aboard SpaceSpooky!

In the brief time I’ve been here, I felt at home and I believe you will too. Finding a Dedicated Group to play with can be challenging, but I believe you don’t have to look any further. ADI - Atlas Defense Industries has some solid Leadership and Ideas for the future inside the verse. Feel free to jump on mumble and talk to the guys, and play games with them while we all wait patiently for 3.0

If you have any questions about the Org or Star Citizen… feel free to PM me :smiley:

Again, Welcome Home!

Welcome Space,

If you want dedication then you surely are at the right adres. There is almost 24/7 some active to help you out if needed. Hope to see you on mumble.


My plans are most likely to do Private contracting, the reason for this is that i have a super hornet and a redeemer.

Also thanks guy for making me feel welcome here in this communty.

Glad you’re here Spooky!

Hope to see you on soon!

Welcome to ADI SpaceSpooky, you have joined a great and dedicated group of people to enjoy the SC verse with, and while we wait for 3.0 you will find many other things to keep you busy from SC to any other game out many of the members are playing ARK, and PUBG, lately and many others over the last few months just ask around and set up something in the member created channels.

I´m sure we´re that group you´ve been looking for!
Welcome to ADI!

welcome Spacespooky, I played eve online for a number of years myself. My focus is all star citizen and ADI now. You found a good place to land, our organization is in a position to be one of or THE top org in star citizen. Well organized and with the numbers to accomplish anything we want. let me know if I can help you with anything, see ya in the PU>