Space Engineers

Shakhaza and I picked up Space Engineers on the holiday steam sale, and wanted to see if anyone else from ADI has any interest in it?

Here is a brief description of the game from its own subreddit:

The game currently features 2 modes: Survival and Creation. Creation is more for pure builders that don’t want to be bothered with gathering the required resources to build. Survival requires resource gathering, which is mostly mining asteroids for various types of ore and then refining ore into ingots.

There is also some exploration, where abandoned ships or stations can be found. The game itself is actually quite surprising, and it has weekly patches. If anyone is interested in playing, let me know.

Is this multiplayer like Minecraft , where other players can destroy what you build?

Yeah, you can break stuff down, but the servers are fairly small(1 to 16 players). When you create a server, you can choose to allow public to join, or set it to friends only. As long as you’re not letting randoms join, intentional destruction shouldn’t be a problem.

Can you send a Link to the Game?

If somebody will run it, we have the ability to setup a space engineers server.

I have been playing space enginneers for months now its a great game… even better with people to help build stuff.

Whats you Peeps Steam Names? so I can add you

I added a link to the original post. The game is available on steam. Add SpyFuzor if anyone is interested in playing.

I sent you a friend Request on Steam steam name is GODOFJELL0

I do own this game and found it to be really fun. if anyone wants to play a game sometime i’d be happy to play

I have it as well though I haven’t really played much. If you don’t mind a newbie I could join as well.

I’d be willing to play some space engineers with y’all. Haven’t played it in a bit so you’ll have to bear with me while I relearn.