Was wondering if anyone else around here enjoys game soundtracks. Over the years I’ve collected quite a few albums. From Crysis to The Elder Scrolls, to Fallout to name a few.

I suppose SC won’t have an official soundtrack before launch, but I’m looking forward to it. So far my favorite is track titled “War” :slight_smile:

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I hear ya. I’m not above adding and playing soundtracks in my iTunes playlists. The original Transformers movie and the most recent Battlestar Gallactica series had some exception music as are some of the orchestral and choir pieces in Star Wars films. I have music from Skyrim as well as Tay Zonday’s Dragonborn single. Though I haven’t captured them, I particularly like the melodies found in Destiny 2 but haven’t really heard anything that captures my interest yet in SC. I will have to listen closer from now on. Thank you for posting your interest.

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I do as well. I have an Epic Music and Soundtrack playlist on Spotify. For the epic music composers I really like BruuhVille and Future World Music, but my favorite by far is Antti Martikainen. He is awesome.

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Deus Ex soundtrack. Gold

GTA: Vice City

The Radio soundtrack, while not exactly a game soundtrack gave 90’s kids a taste for the 80’s that they may have never heard before.

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Not sure if it’s kosher to link to it, but if cinematic scores are your thing, I created an almost 48 hour long playlist on Spotify specifically for SpaceSimming, all very moody soundtrack stuff. It’s called “Elite Dangerous: The Cinematic Experience” I still love hitting shuffle and disappearing into the void. :slight_smile:

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